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welcome! Japanese archery! Kyudo experience!

Currently, a large number of overseas travelers are visiting us.

Can you feel free to experience it? There are some people who are worried about it, but please rest assured.

At our shop, children from 4 years old to adults can easily experience traditional Japanese bows.

If you come to Japan, I would be happy if you could visit it as one of the cultures you should experience!

However, recently, it has become difficult to make a reservation due to the number of customers visiting the store. Make reservations fast! Reservations are accepted from 30 days in advance until 30 minutes in advance.

Come visit us! We'll be expecting you!

Recommended sightseeing spots from Akihabara Station to Yumiyasan!

·Akihabara Station

Japan's largest subculture tourist destination! It's a waste not to stop by when you come to Japan!


・Kanda Shrine

God of victory! If you want to succeed in business, please stop by!

Kanda Shrine

・Yushima Tenjin

Academic God! Students must go!

Yushima Tenjin

・The University of Tokyo

A university that boasts the best academic ability in Japan! Anyone can enter!

University of Tokyo

・Hankyu Dojo Yumiya-san

The only Hankyudo class in Japan! Yumiya is waiting for you!

The most popular archery experience facility in Japan

●Route map from Akihabara to YUMIYASAN

いらっしゃいませ! 日本の弓! 弓道体験です!


気軽に体験してみませんか? と心配される方もいらっしゃいますが、ご安心ください。



しかし、最近は来店客が増えて予約が取りにくくなってきました。 予約はお早めに! ご予約は30日前から30分前まで受け付けております。

どうぞおいでください! お待ちしております!



日本最大のサブカルチャー観光地! 日本に来たら立ち寄らないのはもったいない!


勝利の神よ! ビジネスで成功したい方はぜひお立ち寄りください!


学問の神様! 学生さんは行かなきゃ!


日本屈指の学力を誇る大学! 誰でもエントリー可能!

・半弓道場 ゆみやさん



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