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Hankyu Dojo

4,000 foreign tourists visit each year!
An archery hall where you can experience traditional Japanese archery!
Fun for both adults and children
The only Hankyu Dojo in Tokyo

【 Reservation required 】

【 Business hours 】

【 Regular holiday 】


【 Address 】

2-23-4 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo


Instant reservation from 30 days before to 30 minutes before!

Sightseeing course for first-time customers!

You can also try out kyudo kimono for free!

It's okay if you can't speak Japanese!
The instructor will gently guide you!

It is a one-time experience that you can easily enjoy!

3,400 posts! Over 2 million total views!
The number of posts is the number one Kyudo YouTuber in Japan!

Draw a bow beautifully

The only Hankyu dojo in Tokyo where you can easily experience

A half bow is a traditional Japanese bow.
Using a bow with a total length of 160 cm, aim at a target 7 meters away.

Sightseeing course

In the sightseeing course, you can enjoy shooting arrows within the time limit.

Anyone from 4 years old to the elderly can use it.


Seriously enjoy

Instructors must be 5th dan or higher (5% pass rate)
Alternatively, we are hiring only those who have a track record of winning three or more national competitions.

In order to provide high-level instruction, all staff are working hard to improve themselves every day.

If you are interested in archery and want to experience it, please feel free to come by the sightseeing course.

Can wear archery uniform

In the sightseeing course, you can put on an archery uniform for free.
Please answer your height when you come to the store (100 to 200 cm)
Kyudo uniforms are worn over clothing.
Please come in T-shirt and pants.

* The experience time will be shortened by 10 minutes for the dressing time.
*If the size does not fit, you cannot wear it.
*Wearing an archery uniform is optional. Plain clothes are OK


A place where high manners are required

If an arrow hits the target, do not shout and express your joy.Your manners will be tested.

Get serious

this is the place to improve yourself

紫のれん 店舗.jpg

Only one in Tokyo.

prepare one's mind

A bow with over 100 bows

Beauty as a work of art

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Q: About reservations

​Q: From when and until when can I make a reservation?              

Reservations are accepted from 30 days in advance up to 30 minutes before the day.

​Q:Can I make a reservation by phone?   

​We do not take reservations over the phone to avoid inconvenience to our customers. We only accept complete web applications.

​Q:Can I change the number of people on the day?                    

you can't. It will be determined by the number of people at the time of booking. Please make a reservation as soon as the number of people is confirmed.

​Q: The number of people has decreased. Can you refund me?                

Refunds will not be accepted if the number of guests is reduced after booking is confirmed. Please make a reservation as soon as the number of people is confirmed.

Q: Many of the participants are children.  

No problem.

​Q: Can I change the schedule after booking? 

Once the reservation is confirmed, we do not accept any changes to the schedule. Please make a reservation after confirming the schedule.

Q: How many people can experience?    

There is no limit on the number of people, but we recommend a maximum of 4 people. Please contact us in advance for reservations for 10 or more people.

Q: Q:Is there a difference depending on the number of participants?          

● 1-2 people

Each customer will receive one-on-one instruction with one instructor, and in addition to experiencing shooting an arrow, they will also receive instruction on detailed movements. For those who want to start archery from now on, we will not only provide information on half-bows, but also provide detailed explanations on how to start archery archery (normal archery). It is also possible to receive preliminary guidance for the entrance exam.


● 3-4 people

This is the number of people in the group that can be used comfortably. Due to the number of participants, we will not be able to teach you the detailed movements, but the experience of shooting an arrow will be very satisfying. This is the number of users we recommend most. Please use it with your family and friends.


● 5-9 people

*Since the number of Kyudo uniforms is limited, you may not be able to wear them if the size does not fit.
Although the number of arrows to be shot will be small, it is enough for the number of people to enjoy it. Please note that the store doors will be removed so that all customers can enter the store. We do not recommend using air conditioners during the hot summer months, as they become less effective. In winter, we will install a large stove, so you can enjoy the experience even if it feels a little chilly.


● 10 people or more

*Please contact us in advance for use by 10 or more people.

*Since the number of Kyudo uniforms is limited, you may not be able to wear them if the size does not fit.
The number of arrows fired per person will be reduced. If you have plenty of time for the experience, we recommend that you reserve two consecutive slots. If the number of users exceeds 11, not all customers will be able to fit inside the store. During the hot summer months, you will have to wait under the scorching sun without a roof, and on rainy days, you will be asked to wait under an umbrella. We recommend using it on days with good weather.

Q:Can I make a reservation outside the reception hours?          

We do not accept reservations for times not indicated on the reservation form on our website.

Q:Can I make a reservation by email or LINE?

Reservations are unified to web reservations. Reservations cannot be made by email or LINE.

Q:I don't have a credit card        

If you do not have a credit card, you cannot make a reservation.

Q: Will I receive an email confirming my reservation?             

After completing your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your reservation. If you do not receive the email, it may have ended up in your spam folder. If the email does not arrive in your spam folder, please contact us directly and we will confirm your reservation. If the reservation has been made, we will resend the reservation confirmation email.

Q:Is it possible to pay on the day?      

Not accepted.

Q:Can I pay in cash?             

Not accepted.

Q:Can I make an out of hours reservation?   

Not accepted.

Q:I don't know how to enter my credit card information               

Explained here ➡ Check

Q: Cancel

​Q:Can I cancel?               

Cancellation is possible, but the cancellation fee is 100%. At the time of booking, we agree to the cancellation fee of 100% and complete the payment, so we judge that we have agreed to everything.

Q: Why is the cancellation fee 100%?     

There were many cancellations for reservations only reception, and it was difficult to respond. Many customers said that they couldn't make a reservation because the desired date was already booked, so we made the cancellation fee 100%. This eliminates ambiguous applications and makes it easier to make reservations.

Q: ​Clothes and belongings

​Q:Is there a dress code?           

Please come in clothes that are easy to exercise in.

​Q: I have a tattoo. OK?          

No problem.

​Q: I have long nails. OK?          

As long as you don't have excessively long nails, you'll be fine.

​Q: Can I experience cosplay?        

For safety reasons, we refuse.

​Q: Can I wear glasses for the experience?   

No problem.


​Q: Are there toilets?           

There are shared toilets for men and women. If you use the toilet during the experience, the experience time will be shortened. We recommend that you complete this in advance.

​Q: Do you have air conditioning?     

Fully equipped. Our shop is a completely indoor facility. You can experience cool in summer and warm in winter.

​Q:Is there a parking lot?         

There is no parking lot. Please use the paid parking lot. On Sundays and public holidays, the price of nearby parking lots is reduced.

​Q:Is there a parking space for bicycles?  

There is no parking space for bicycles, but you can park in front of the store.

Q: Notes on the day

​Q: Please tell me about the flow of the sightseeing course        

It is introduced here. ➡ [Flow of sightseeing course]

​Q: What happens if I am late?        

Shorter experience time. Or it will be treated as a cancellation. We will not extend the time due to being late.

​Q: Is there a possibility of injury?     

The bow string may hit your arm and injure you. We will not compensate for any injuries.*Arm covers can be rented (free)

​Q: Is there anything I need to prepare before the experience?               

Please arrive 10 minutes before your reservation time. The earlier you arrive, the more time you can serve. 

Q: Shooting/coverage

Q:Can I take pictures and videos?      

Shooting from the front of the shooter is prohibited for safety management. Please take a picture of the back, not during the experience.* The photo from the front posted by our shop was taken for advertisement.

​Q: Can I post photos and videos on SNS? 

Please feel free to post.

​Q: Can you interview (survey)?       

We refuse all acts similar to interviews, regardless of whether they are celebrities or major companies.

If the purpose of visiting the store is determined to be "coverage or research", the experience will be canceled or terminated. ※non refundable​​

Q: physical

​Q: I am left handed. Is there any difference?

Wakyu holds the bow with the left hand and pulls the arrow (string) with the right hand. There is no handedness difference.

​Q: I'm not confident in my physical strength. Can you do it?                 

Even those who are not good at exercise can pull it immediately. Even if you don't usually exercise, please feel free to come. Since it is a private rental, you can experience it at your own pace.

​Q: I have poor eyesight. OK?       

If you wear glasses or contact lenses and do not have any problems in your daily life, there is no problem.

​Q: Can I experience in a wheelchair?    

Is possible.

Q: ​Continued use

​Q: How many times can I use the sightseeing course?                 

You can use it many times. Please feel free to come by.

Q: How to inquire

​Q: I don't understand Japanese.       

Dont 'worry. I will explain with gestures. Feel free to come.

​Q: I would like to make an inquiry.     

Please read the frequently asked questions and contact us if your question is not answered.We accept from the following



​Q:Can I contact you by phone?       

Not accepted. Please use email or LINE.

​Q: How often do you respond to inquiries?  

We will reply you within 24 hours.

【 Representative 】

Thank you for visiting the homepage of "Hankyu Dojo Yumiya-san".
Our shop is the only archery field in Tokyo where you can experience the 400-year-old Hankyu.
So if you find this website, you are already in luck when you find this dojo.
It is said that archery is very auspicious and wards off evil spirits.
Sounds great, doesn't it?

Please experience the excitement that you have never tasted before!


Inquire on LINE!

In Japan, the messaging app "LINE" is used.
Inquiries to our store are smooth if you use LINE.
If you contact me by 17:00, I will reply on the same day.

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