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Hankyu Dojo

4,000 tourists visit each year!
An archery hall where you can experience traditional Japanese archery!
Fun for both adults and children

It's OK even if you don't understand Japanese!
The staff speaks English!
The only Hankyu Dojo in Tokyo

【 Reservation required 】

【 Business hours 】

【 Regular holiday 】


【 Address 】

2-23-4 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Instant reservation from 30 days before to 30 minutes before!

Japanese archery experience for first-time customers!

You can also try out kyudo kimono for free!

It is a one-time experience that you can easily enjoy!

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Draw a bow beautifully

The only archery dojo in Tokyo where you can easily experience it.

A half bow is a traditional Japanese bow.
Using a bow with a total length of 160 cm, aim at a target 7 meters away.

Japanese archery experience

You can enjoy shooting arrows on the Japanese archery experience.

Can be experienced from 4 years old


Can wear archery uniform

You can wear archery clothes for free.

*If the size does not fit, you cannot wear it.

*Wearing an archery uniform is optional.

About reservations

​From when and until when can I make a reservation?             

Reservations are accepted from 30 days in advance up to 30 minutes before the day.

Can I make a reservation by phone?   

We do not accept reservations by phone.

​Is it for private use only?        


​How long does the experience last?   

45 minutes. However, the time may be extended depending on the number of people.

Can I change the number of people on the day?                 

Not accepted.

The number of people has decreased. Can you refund me?            

Refunds will not be accepted if the number of guests is reduced after booking is confirmed.

Can I change the schedule after booking? 

Once the reservation is confirmed, we do not accept any changes to the schedule. 

Is there a limit on the number of participants?

Maximum capacity is 7 people. Cannot be used by more than 8 people.

Can I make a reservation by email or LINE?

you can't. We only accept online reservations.

I don't have a credit card        

If you do not have a credit card, you cannot make a reservation.

Is it possible to pay on the day?      

To prevent trouble with customers, our store prohibits employees from accepting money. Additionally, we do not have electronic payment terminals available, so credit cards cannot be used on-site. Please be sure to make a reservation from our website.

Can I pay in cash?             

Not accepted.

Can I make an out of hours reservation?   

Not accepted.

I don't know how to enter my credit card. 

Explained here ➡ Check

Will I receive a reservation completion email?
It will arrive soon. Please contact us if you do not come.


​Can I cancel?               

Cancellation is possible, but the cancellation fee is 100%. At the time of booking, we agree to the cancellation fee of 100% and complete the payment, so we judge that we have agreed to everything.

Clothes and belongings

​Is there a dress code?           

Please come in clothes that are easy to exercise in.

​I have a tattoo.             

No problem.

Can I wear glasses?           

No problem.

Facilities / Parking

​Are there toilets?           

Fully equipped

​Is it an indoor facility?         

This is an indoor facility with air conditioning.

Is there a parking lot?         

There is no parking lot.

​Is there a parking space for bicycles?  

You can park your bicycle in front of the store.

Notes on the day

​What happens if I am late?        

will be treated as a cancellation.

​Is there a possibility of injury?     

The bow string may hit your arm and injure you. We will not compensate for any injuries.

Shooting / Interview

Can I take pictures and videos?      

Please take as many photos and videos as you like.

​Can I post photos and videos on SNS? 

Please feel free to post.

Can I do media interviews?         

Interviews are not permitted.


​I am left handed. Is there any difference?

There is no handedness difference.

I have poor eyesight. OK?       

No problem.

​Can I experience in a wheelchair?    

Is possible.

How to inquire

​I don't understand Japanese.       

No problem. Don't worry, come

Inquiries regarding discounts       

Discount price available for 2 or more people. No further discounts will be accepted.

Can I meet Yumiya-san?         

Of course! I look forward to meeting you!

I would like to make an inquiry.     

*We do not accept media interviews or inquiries from travel agencies. We will not respond even if you contact us.




Can I contact you by phone?       

Telephone calls are not accepted.

【 Yumiyasan 】

Thank you for visiting the homepage of "Hankyu Dojo Yumiya-san".
Our shop is the only archery field in Tokyo where you can experience the 400-year-old Hankyu.
So if you find this website, you are already in luck when you find this dojo.
It is said that archery is very auspicious and wards off evil spirits.
Sounds great, doesn't it?

Please experience the excitement that you have never tasted before!


Instagram message!


Inquire on LINE!

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