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[Japanese archery class]

We aim to learn archery, posture, and etiquette and become a big archer.

● Membership conditions

Kyudo classes are open to those who have taken a beginner's course and passed the examination. ➡detail

● Eligible age

・From 4 years old to junior high school graduation age

*High school students should join the archery club or inquire at the nearest archery studio to start long archery.

● Fees (There is no admission fee)

・Japanese archery class (individual instruction) 8,000 yen per person/once

Feel free to make a reservation ➡detail

・Japanese archery class (group instruction) 4,000 yen per person/once

See schedule here ➡Schedule

● Overtime classes are possible

Beginner course 90 minutes per person, Hankyudo class [Individual instruction]

● Kyudo classroom visit            

the reception ishere(every Sunday, 8:00 AM)

● Flow until admission           

First of all, experience the sightseeing course,classroom visitPlease come to After interviewing and consulting with the person in charge of instruction, the schedule for the beginner course will be decided. Please receive a "student number" that is necessary for applying for the beginner's course. ​ You will become a member once you have taken the beginner's course and passed the test.


[Beginner course]

Learn shooting techniques and postures, and aim to pass the examination


Notes explanation

Shaho Hassetsu

arrow movement

live shooting practice


⇙ ⇘

Pass Fail


Acquisition of qualification  advice


Class enrollment Retake

【 passing grade 】

Draw a bow in accordance with the Hassetsu of Shooting

Acquire a series of actions, essential for all eight

[Beginner course Q&A]

Q.Can more than one person take the beginner course?

Only 1 person can attend the beginner course.

Q. Do you have any tricks to pass the test?

Please let us know your preference for pre-guidance when you experience the sightseeing course. We will explain the curriculum of the beginner course during the experience time.

It is possible to prepare for lessons by receiving prior instruction.

Q. What is the reason for conducting the test?

Kyudo is a dangerous sport that uses a bow and arrow. Determines whether manners and shooting techniques reach a certain level.

Q. Please tell me the passing rate of the beginner course.

The first-time pass rate for elementary school students is less than 10%.

Q. Did you take a beginner course from the beginning?I want to

I refuse to take classes from the first time.

In the beginner's course, we will teach you how to behave (manners) without drawing a bow. I think it would be a good idea to imagine the behavior of the tea ceremony when practicing this gesture.

Some people come to me thinking that ``practice is to pull the bow and release it'' because it is an kyudo instruction, but in this course, we will focus on the movements.

Of course, we also provide instruction using a bow, but if the mastery of the movements is insufficient, it will not reach the point of shooting an arrow.

In fact, most of the students are finished with just the course of the work.

This is based on the judgment that it will be difficult to continue in the classroom if you can't stand it at the beginner's class because we practice the movements thoroughly even in the archery class.

For that reason, we advise you to first experience the sightseeing course or come to the classroom and take the course if you really want to learn.

The beginner course is just an entrance exam. Prior consultation is required before attending.


Q. Please tell me the image of the cost

・Group classroom (4 times a month participation example) 16,000 yen

・Individual guidance (4 times a month, usage example) 32,000 yen

Take classes at least once a week. The more classes you take, the faster your progress will be.

It is recommended to take consecutive classes during long vacations.

Q. Do you have anything to buy?

is not. I will lend you everything.

In addition, there is no burden even if the bow is damaged. All included in the tuition fee. * Excluding intentional damage

If you enroll in an archery class from a young age and go through it until you graduate from junior high school, it will cost about 1 million yen to replace the uniform, bow, arrows, etc.

Since children's physiques change greatly, replacements occur in less than half a year.

I think the merit of being able to borrow all of this is great.

In addition, since all the maintenance of the bow equipment is performed, the burden of small expenses is lightened. *Replacing strings, grip leather, rattan, etc.


Q.Can I participate once a month?

It is possible to continue by participating once or twice a month, but please understand that progress is extremely difficult. It's the same with studying, but you should be able to improve your performance because you do it regularly. Kyudo requires not only practice of drawing a bow, but also practice of posture, so it is a sport that requires a lot of learning.

In fact, those who have taken less classes can't remember the posturing. Most people quit because they are not good at shooting.

If you would like to use it once a month, we recommend that you continue with the sightseeing course instead of the classroom.

Q. Can I receive instruction in the large bow?

Those who have acquired enough skills with a half bow can convert. Conversion may take a year or more.

Q. I heard that it affects the skeleton?

I have been teaching children for many years and have never experienced anything like this before. Rather than other sports, there are fewer accidents and injuries, and I think it's safer.

【 the goal 】

Q. Can I get a rank?

It is not possible to acquire the rank set by the All Japan Kyudo Federation.

Q. As a goal

With a view to switching to large archery (regular archery) in the future, we aim to acquire advanced shooting techniques and movements.

Course content will change in the order of Beginner → Intermediate → Advanced.


Q. I cannot go to the group instruction schedule.

Please use personal guidance.

Q. How often should I attend?

Please participate once a week as a guide. The more frequently you participate, the faster you progress. On the other hand, in most cases, those who participate less frequently do not improve even if they attend for a long time.

Q. Is there a procedure for quitting (withdrawing)?

is not. However, if one year has passed since the last participation month, the qualification will expire and you will lose the participation qualification.

Q. Are there any procedures for reopening?

Those who have passed "one year" from the last participation month need to take the beginner course again. You don't need to take a beginner's course to resume within one year.

【 FAQ 】

Q. I am a high school student. can't you learn?

For high school students, joining the school's archery club or joining a group at a nearby archery hall is a shortcut to starting archery. If you come to our store for some reason, please consult us when you experience the sightseeing course.

Q. Do I need parental help?

I do not need it. There is no help peculiar to sports organizations. Visitors are free to visit. Online is also possible.

Q. Are there other places where elementary school students can study?

There is no group in Tokyo that teaches kyudo to elementary school students. If you really have to, I think there is no other way but to find someone who can guide you personally. Also, there is no rental of bows for children, so you need to purchase everything yourself.

Q. Why can children learn at Yumiya??

We have veteran staff who have been teaching children for many years. Another reason is that we own a large number of children's bows that are not owned by local archery groups.

[Person playing a large bow]

Q. We will consult with you regarding the following.

・Wipe your face and arms. Can't you improve?

・I can't lose my strength and I can't get away (hard to get out)

・I want to improve my quickness

We will check the status and advise you accordingly.

*Guidance is provided at the semi-kyudo hall on the first floor. It will be held at Makiwaraba on the 4th floor.

Q. There is no instructor at school.I want you to

We refuse to instruct those who have specific instructors as general "manners". However, those who do not have instructors at school may be accepted. Please contact us.


[Course for Qualified Persons]

*This page is intended for those over the age of 18.


A lifelong hobby of half bow, not aiming to switch to long bowThis is a guide for adults.

For those who continue to use it, we recommend that you acquire a qualification for the beginner course.

Once you qualify, you will be able to use it at a discounted price.

*Beginner courses are also available outside business hours.

[Eligibility Exemption Regulations]

Those who have reached the 1st dan or above as determined by the All Nippon Kyudo Federation are exempt from the beginner course.vinegar


● Please show your grade certificate

Certificate of rank *Photos taken with a smartphone are also acceptable


● Procedures

・Book a sightseeing course only for those who meet the exemption conditions

・Present a certificate of exemption conditions on the day of your visit

・Provide guidance for exemptionees

If even one of the participants is an inexperienced person (unqualified person), they cannot attend the guidance for exempted people.

● Examination ・Implementation of guidance for exempted persons

・All 20 shots in a group of 20

・ Fired in 5 seconds or more (less than 4 seconds will not be hit)

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