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[Japanese archery class]

We aim to learn archery, posture, and etiquette and become a big archer.

● Membership conditions

Kyudo classes are open to those who have taken a beginner's course and passed the examination. ➡detail

● Eligible age

・From 4 years old to junior high school graduation age

*High school students should join the archery club or inquire at the nearest archery studio to start long archery.

● Fees (There is no admission fee)

・Japanese archery class (individual instruction) 8,000 yen per person/once

Feel free to make a reservation ➡detail

・Japanese archery class (group instruction) 4,000 yen per person/once

See schedule here ➡Schedule

● Overtime classes are possible

Beginner course 90 minutes per person, Hankyudo class [Individual instruction]

● Kyudo classroom visit            

the reception ishere(every Sunday, 8:00 AM)

● Flow until admission           

First of all, experience the sightseeing course,classroom visitPlease come to After interviewing and consulting with the person in charge of instruction, the schedule for the beginner course will be decided. Please receive a "student number" that is necessary for applying for the beginner's course. ​ You will become a member once you have taken the beginner's course and passed the test.

【 FAQ 】

Q. I am a high school student. can't you learn?

For high school students, joining the school's archery club or joining a group at a nearby archery hall is a shortcut to starting archery. If you come to our store for some reason, please consult us when you experience the sightseeing course.

Q. Do I need parental help?

I do not need it. There is no help peculiar to sports organizations. Visitors are free to visit. Online is also possible.

Q. Are there other places where elementary school students can study?

There is no group in Tokyo that teaches kyudo to elementary school students. If you really have to, I think there is no other way but to find someone who can guide you personally. Also, there is no rental of bows for children, so you need to purchase everything yourself.

Q. Why can children learn at Yumiya??

We have veteran staff who have been teaching children for many years. Another reason is that we own a large number of children's bows that are not owned by local archery groups.

[Eligibility Exemption Regulations]

Those who have reached the 1st dan or above as determined by the All Nippon Kyudo Federation are exempt from the beginner course.vinegar


● Please show your grade certificate

Certificate of rank *Photos taken with a smartphone are also acceptable


● Procedures

・Book a sightseeing course only for those who meet the exemption conditions

・Present a certificate of exemption conditions on the day of your visit

・Provide guidance for exemptionees

If even one of the participants is an inexperienced person (unqualified person), they cannot attend the guidance for exempted people.

● Examination ・Implementation of guidance for exempted persons

・All 20 shots in a group of 20

・ Fired in 5 seconds or more (less than 4 seconds will not be hit)

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