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[How to draw a half bow ]

[How to draw a half bow ]

Half bow shooting method (basic edition)

① Open your legs wide and stand


*(1) When pulling in a sitting position
​Sit up straight


2) Stand parallel to the wall


③ There is no difference in dominant hand
​ Hold the bow with your left hand


④ Place the bow in the center of the V shape


⑤ Extend your thumb
Grab your little finger, ring finger, and middle finger together
​The index finger can be stretched or bent


⑥ Hold the arrow (red circle)


⑦Fit it in the middle mechanism (red circle)


⑧ Raise your right thumb and hold the other four.


⑨ Lay your hand


​ ⑩ Reach out your hand towards


⑪ Pinch the arrowhead


⑫Let's pinch firmly


⑬ Hold the bow in the center of the body


​⑭Push your left hand without moving your right elbow


⑮Push and pull your left hand


⑯Push open the bow and pull your right hand up to your lips
​Aim the center of the target with the tip of the arrow


【 bad example 】
Do not pull too much
​ Pulled too far behind the lips


[Good example]
​pulled to the front of the lips


⑰Release the knob on the right


【 bad example 】
​The right hand is separated at the same time


[Good example]
​ Right hand on cheek even after leaving
​Keep your right hand on your cheek

rubber bow adjustment

How to adjust the rubber bow (za-right bow)
The state of purchase is for large bows.
It must be adjusted to the half-bow specification.


pull the top rubber
Adjust the length so that it feels close to your taste.


Once the length is decided, make a loop and tie it.


If you pull it firmly, the adjustment is complete.
Readjust if loose

rubber bow practice

Right hand shape: thumb up, other four fingers clenched
If the other four are open, it may cause your fingers to get caught.


​ Turn it sideways as it is


Pinch the rubber part only with your thumb


​ Left hand: Press the bow with the fork of the thumb and index finger


Align your middle finger, ring finger, and little finger
Extend your thumb
​The index finger can be extended or bent


Check the state It is "bow stance"


From the state of bow stance, press the left hand (Oshite)
​Do not pull right hand


I will pull my right hand from the front of the target
Pull your right hand (hand pull) up to your cheek
​Keep your body straight and don't fall backwards


Hold for 5 seconds, then release your right thumb
The right hand does not leave the cheek even after releasing
The left hand (Oshite) pushes in the direction of the target.
I have an image that stretches firmly to the left and right

Practice ​


【 bad example 】
Pinch with thumb, index finger and middle finger
A finger is caught and an arrow scatters
​Be careful how you pinch the rubber

​Check the allocation
Wife normal.HEIC

[Good example]
Align the arrow between the upper and lower lips

Wife lower jaw.HEIC

[②Bad example]
The right hand (wife's hand) is located below the chin
This will make it easier to remove
Remember to put your right hand on your cheek
If you remember the position, the arrow will not go up and down

Horse hand high.HEIC

[(1) Bad example]
I'm at eye level
Aim downwards and arrows will be easier to remove downwards

be aware of the society
Association Oshite awareness.HEIC

[Good example]
the center of the body is straight
This state is called "kai"
The bow is drawn the most.
If the direction in which the force is applied is indicated by an arrow,
Strong bow hand (left hand holding bow)
The wife's hand (right hand) is pulled to the extent that it supports it
The left hand is important, as is the size of the arrow.

Pulling torso.HEIC

【 bad example 】
His right hand is strong and his body is leaning back
Many beginners end up arching their backs
It's because I'm too conscious of pulling
Be aware of the center of your body
The time of the "meeting" is also important
Let's count "5 seconds" after the aim is fixed
It is NG to let go early

wrist angle
Image 6.jpg

[Good example]
The wrist is straight. The wrist is not bent and is straight. You can apply force straight to the bow.
Note that the string may touch your arm
For that reason, it is safe to wear long sleeves

Image 7.jpg

【 bad example 】
The wrist is in a "ku" shape
Some people are in this state to pay the arm with the string

Image 8.jpg

【 bad example 】
The wrist is too tight, "upside down"
Makes it easier for the string to brush your arm
It seems that there are many people who grip the bow too much.

Be careful with your grip
Image 9.jpg

[Good example]
fingers are aligned
The thumb is extended and the tips of the middle, ring and pinky fingers are aligned and parallel.
It looks good and is a shape that can be pressed firmly.
The inside of the hand (grip) affects the target

Image 11.jpg

【 bad example 】
too much
I hold it tightly with all my fingers
It is in a state of focusing on grasping rather than pushing
Now you can't push the bow in the direction of the target

Image 10.jpg

【 bad example 】
fingers apart
jagged yellow line
Irregular fingers and looks unattractive
Also, the bow is pressed with the palm of the hand.
Not suitable for pushing the bow firmly

Image 12.jpg

【 bad example 】
The arrow flies downward due to the stronger pressure from above.

Image 13.jpg

【 bad example 】
reverse staircase
If the little finger is not covered, it will be difficult to push the bow.

Image 14.jpg

【 bad example 】
The side of the middle finger and the pad of the thumb are far apart
The thumb and middle finger are separated
If there is space, it will be difficult to push the bow.
The feeling of pushing the bow is subtle

Check your posture
Society normal.HEIC

[Good example]
the center of the body is straight
Correct posture has a line in the center
Let's be aware of the "middle body"
This is the best posture with a good balance between left and right.

Hanging body.HEIC

【 bad example 】
Such a torso (stabbing in the direction of the target)
This posture makes it easier to remove the arrow downwards

Pulling torso.HEIC

【 bad example 】
Retracting torso (body receding back)
the yellow line is leaning back
The right hand is strong and the arrow flies forward (to the right)
Let's be conscious of pushing the bow in the direction of the target

body orientation
Orientation Normal.HEIC

[Good example]
The Chinese character gently points to the correct body
The yellow and red lines draw a gentle "<" character

Direction Large dogleg.HEIC

【 bad example 】
The yellow and red lines are large and draw a "<" character
body facing forward
It becomes difficult to push the left arm in the direction of the target.

Direction Too close.HEIC

【 bad example 】
Arms and shoulders in a straight line makes it easier to hit the bow
too tight
The arm and the string are too close, making it easier to swipe the arm.
It is better to have someone check the orientation of the body
When the posture is stable, the bow can be pushed correctly.

A shortcut to progress is effective if the instructor points out points to note.

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