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[Junior high school / high school ​ archery club list]

Although it is created based on the public information and competition information of each school, there are cases where the information is outdated or incorrect information.

Please make the final decision yourself

*Junior high school information is for Kanto only​

----------------- Kanto -----------------

TokyoKanagawa PrefectureChiba Prefecture  Saitama

Ibaraki Prefecture  Tochigi Prefecture   Yamanashi Prefecture  Gunma Prefecture

------------ Hokkaido and Tohoku -------------

Hokkaido  Aomori Prefecture  ​・Iwate Prefecture  ​​・Akita

Yamagata Prefecture  Miyagi Prefecture  Fukushima Prefecture      

---------------- Hokushinetsu ----------------

Niigata Prefecture  Toyama Prefecture  Ishikawa Prefecture  Fukui Prefecture


Nagano Prefecture                  

----------------- Tokai -----------------

​・Gifu Prefecture  Shizuoka Prefecture  ​・Aichi prefecture  ​・Mie Prefecture

----------------- Kinki -----------------

​・Shiga Prefecture  KyotoOsaka Prefecture  ​・Hyogo Prefecture


Nara Prefecture  Wakayama Prefecture           

----------------- China -----------------

​・Tottori Prefecture  Shimane Prefecture  Okayama Prefecture  ​・Hiroshima 

Yamaguchi Prefecture                   

----------------- Shikoku -----------------

​・Tokushima  Kagawa Prefecture  Ehime Prefecture  ​・Kochi Prefecture

-------------- Kyushu-Okinawa --------------

​・Fukuoka Prefecture  ​・Saga Prefecture  Nagasaki Prefecture  ​・Kumamoto Prefecture

​・Oita Prefecture  ​・Miyazaki Prefecture  ​・Kagoshima prefecture Okinawa Prefecture

​ [University/national version]

​All Japan Student Kyudo Federation (link)

Please refer to HP​ of the federation

​ [National Kyudo Range Map]

​ All Japan Kyudo Federation HP (link)

You can search public and private Kyudo halls nationwide.

​ [All Japan Archery Association]

All Japan Archery Association (link)

You can search for archery stores nationwide

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