Sightseeing course 2 people 45 minutes

From 4 years old to adults. Kyudo experience that anyone can enjoy!

  • 45 分
  • 12,000円


⭕ Sightseeing course that can be enjoyed by those who have no experience in Kyudo (No age limit for 4 years and older) Experienced archery players should also use this course. ⭕ 2 people unlimited number of arrows 12,000 yen Two instructors will be instructing Two people will experience at the same time ⭕ Experience time: 45 minutes ⭕ Course flow ① Explanation of precautions ↓ ② Guidance on how to handle the bow (10 minutes) ↓ ③ Pull the bow and shoot an arrow (30 minutes) ↓ ④ Finished within 45 minutes *Belongings The bowstring may hit your arm and cause injury. Be sure to bring long sleeves or arm covers 【terms of service】 The following explanation is important. Please be sure to read and agree before making a reservation. * Cancellation / termination judgment (non-refundable) Warn if you do not follow dangerous behavior or guidance Those who still cannot follow the guidance will end the experience at the discretion of the instructor Please note that the instructor's authority is absolute * When the instructor determines that it is dangerous All will be experienced with the assistance of the instructor It will not be an experience of pulling a bow by yourself * We do not respond to special requests, including discounts on experience fees and changes in course content. * Reservations are accepted from 30 days in advance to 30 minutes before the day. * If the time notation is gone, the reservation is already filled. * Reservations must be made in advance by credit card. * After making a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. If your PC email is blocked, you will not receive the email * There are two people who have experienced it. Proxy experience is not possible If you want to experience with 3 or more people, please select a sightseeing course (group) * This course cannot be qualified. * The schedule will be changed if it becomes difficult to hold the event due to bad weather or social conditions. (In case of cancellation, full refund will be given) * If you are late, the experience time will be shorter. * We are not responsible for any injuries. * Admission is limited to experienced people and parents * You cannot use the toilet * There is no parking lot or bicycle parking lot


ご予約はキャンセル規定の同意が必須となり、いかなる理由においてもキャンセル料は100%です ご予約内容を十分確認の上、お申込み下さい 予約後、日程変更はできません。キャンセル扱いとなります


  • 日本、東京都文京区本郷2−23−4