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Extremely hot day! Please refrain from using more than 5 people!

[When installing store windows]

[Removal of store window]

Due to the summer vacation period, we receive many requests from our customers who wish to use our facilities in a large group, but we do not recommend using more than 5 people in the middle of summer.

・As a reason

If you are using more than 5 people, please remove all the store windows. I run the air conditioner at maximum output, but the heat is inevitably severe. Also, if the number of guests exceeds 10, we will ask you to wait under the scorching sun without a roof. Please refrain from using it in the summer, as it will be used by more than 5 people only when the temperature and season are calm. In addition, we accept reservations if it is absolutely necessary, but please understand that you will have to endure the heat before using it.

*We recommend a maximum of 4 people.

*An outdoor stove will be installed during the winter season. Up to 15 people can use it without problems if you take measures such as wearing thick clothes.

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